In partnership with UnimaAqualma, a seafood production and marketing corporation in Madagascar, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries International (NCMI), a Christian service organization, 54 students were awarded full-tuition scholarships and grants in 2003-2004. The Shama Foundation has budgeted for 85 students in 2004-2005. Our partner organizations provide support and infrastructure necessary to the overall health and well being of the students. Sponsored children range in age from six to 19, and they come from the northwestern village of Besakoa, the coastal city of Mahajanga, and the capital city of Antananarivo. Tuition money is paid directly to the schools attended, and continuation of payment is dependant on the student's successful completion of the school year.

The families of the scholarship students from Besakoa formed a parent organization to better support their children. In order to attend high school, the teenagers must leave their village home to live in the coastal city of Mahajanga. With this parent association and UnimaAqualma, the Shama Foundation helped establish a hostel in Mahajanga to meet the domestic needs of those students.
The Shama Foundation solicits educational and health related items. Activities have included the distribution of educational materials donated by Didax Educational Resources, Carolina Biological Supply, and Learning For All Ages, which were shipped in container space donated by UnimaAqualma. The Shama Foundation also helped facilitate the distribution of albendazole to villages outside of Besakoa. The albendazole, donated by Wipe Out Worms NOW (WOW NOW) through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries International, is an efficacious worm medicine.

The Shama Foundation continues to work to accumulate a principal money amount that will sustain the support of motivated children through college, vocational, or technical school. Since volunteers administer the foundation, all donations directly support the education of children in Madagascar. While we provide tuition and sometimes a stipend for supplies and books, students and their families must meet attendance and academic requirements indicating they also are assuming responsibility for their educations. We implement a tracking program that enables us to document the progress of each child.

The Shama Foundation seeks to widen its support to children from other areas in Madagascar. Specific target communities include Besalampe and Mirambe.


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